Catch-up on Wing Progress

Over the last few weeks, I’ve completed a number of steps and logged in my paper log, but haven’t really updated the progress here.

So, in the interest of completeness, and while some primer dries, here’s an update.


RHS Main spar countersinking–finished the rib/skin attach countersinks; need to complete nutplate holes.
3 hours.


Received confirmation that J stiffeners can be extended with no negative (from Van’s Aircraft). Misalignment of spars and J channels required either re-making the channels or extending them.
Made Four J-Stiffener extensions approximately 9-1/8″ long each. This allows overlap of 3 rivets in the splice joint.
0.5 hour


LH Spar bottom countersink complete. Top remains.
1.5 hours


Machine countersank all lower fuel tank attach screw holes after installing the nutplates on the LH main spar
5 hours.


Countersank RH main spar top tank attach screw holes
1 hour.


“Completed Page 13-3 – Finished RH and LH main spar countersinks, installed inspection plate nutplates and countersank.
Spot primed. Widened hole in LH Spar–all per plans. Also primed spar web extensions and doublers.
5 hours


“Completed page 13-2 step 4 – Web extension riveting, both wings.
Page 13-4, steps 1,2,3,4,5,7 completed L&R. 8&9 completed RH only.”
7 hours.

Total hours to date: 85.75

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