Right Wing Tank Work

Today I spent a lot of time deburring and dimpling the right wing tank skin, stiffeners, and associated parts. I also found that the DRDT-2 works better for screw hole dimpling than the pneumatic squeezer did, so I ran the left wing tank skin back through the screw hole dimpling process, and the holes now look much crisper.

I also got a very nice surprise when Mom and Tim showed up unannounced for a visit and gave me a great little chest that Tim made for me in his wood shop. I’m going to come up with a good use for it that will not damage it. Tim said I should keep it in the workshop but I want to make sure I don’t get it dirty or scratched or damaged in other ways. It really is a nice piece of craftsmanship!

It is made of wormy chestnut, which is really pretty. I think it is finished only with linseed oil. The aroma is very nice, and I like the natural finish.

He even signed and dedicated it!


Well, I haven’t updated this blog for a very long while, but I have been working, albeit slowly, on completing the wings. My work rate has picked up significantly in the last couple of weeks. We took a couple of trips in the Warrior (to the beach and to Vermont) and it got me back into the spirit of building.

The left fuel tank is nearly complete–needs only priming of some external parts and then final assembly with sealant. Right hand tank is nearly there too. Once I get the the point I need to prime, I will be priming many wing parts prior to final assmebly.

Below is a picture of the inboard left hand fuel tank rear rib. I have added a fitting for a fuel return line. The engine I bought has an Airflow Performance fuel injection system which benefits from a fuel return to the tank for starting. Also, I will do this for both tanks so that if in the future I decide to switch to a fuel injection system that requires a fuel return, I will have it available. I’ll cap off the return that is unused with a cap fitting.

A picture of the right wing tank during a test assembly. Left wing tank is almost ready to assemble and seal up.