Right Wing Tank Work

Today I spent a lot of time deburring and dimpling the right wing tank skin, stiffeners, and associated parts. I also found that the DRDT-2 works better for screw hole dimpling than the pneumatic squeezer did, so I ran the left wing tank skin back through the screw hole dimpling process, and the holes now look much crisper.

I also got a very nice surprise when Mom and Tim showed up unannounced for a visit and gave me a great little chest that Tim made for me in his wood shop. I’m going to come up with a good use for it that will not damage it. Tim said I should keep it in the workshop but I want to make sure I don’t get it dirty or scratched or damaged in other ways. It really is a nice piece of craftsmanship!

It is made of wormy chestnut, which is really pretty. I think it is finished only with linseed oil. The aroma is very nice, and I like the natural finish.

He even signed and dedicated it!

Something is Gained in Translation

I stopped at a convenience store this morning to get some snacks. I wondered what the marketing folks were trying to tell me about their product. Since I don’t read Japanese, I turned to Google Translate’s handy photo translation capability.

First Product, Chocolate covered puffed wheat:

Google Translate:

Wheat chocolate It is fragrant and nostalgic taste. It is a snack that stops when you eat.

Uh huh.
Second product, Squid Jerky:

Google Translate:

I baked about Kanamekara firmly. The taste spreads in the garbage mouth 16 g

You don’t say!

brief update

I’ve been spending time this summer getting the workshop ready to go so I don’t freeze my butt off working on the RV-10 in the winter.  Pics will follow once I’m substantially complete.

Also I have been working on finishing up the instrument rating.  Once I have that in my pocket and the workshop is ready to go, it should be full steam ahead on the RV-10 construction (I expect some interruption in productivity due to the expected release of Fallout 4 in November).