Oil Change Trick

I was changing the oil in 2884L the other day, and I was looking for a way to minimize oil spilling while I remove the oil filter.  The O-320 in the Warrior has a horizontally mounted oil filter on the top rear of the engine.  Removing the filter usually results in a cascade of hot, dirty oil down the back of the engine, all over the fuel pump, and the inside of  the cowling.  The clean-up is no fun.

I had tried a few methods in the past, but all resulted in spills and pain-in-the-ass cleanups.  I tried something new this time.  I cut the top off an old oil bottle and then made a relief cut in one long side of the bottle.  This allowed me to position the bottle below the filter at an angle.


I don’t have a picture of the oil catcher in use, but I didn’t spill a drop.

Future mods may include a strap to hold the bottle in place but it works just fine by hand.

Something is Gained in Translation

I stopped at a convenience store this morning to get some snacks. I wondered what the marketing folks were trying to tell me about their product. Since I don’t read Japanese, I turned to Google Translate’s handy photo translation capability.

First Product, Chocolate covered puffed wheat:

Google Translate:

Wheat chocolate It is fragrant and nostalgic taste. It is a snack that stops when you eat.

Uh huh.
Second product, Squid Jerky:

Google Translate:

I baked about Kanamekara firmly. The taste spreads in the garbage mouth 16 g

You don’t say!

LW Top Skin Dimpling

Today I deburred the top wing skin parts and dimpled the appropriate parts per plans page 16-2 Step 6.  Test reassembled and everything fits pretty nicely.  I had set up the DRDT-2 dimpler a while back for prior work and it was still set up well.  It didn’t need any adjustment, and the dimples came out looking crisp and flat.