RV-10 SB 16-03-28 Kit

Yesterday I received the kit for the Van’s Service Bulletin 16-03-28. I had placed an order as soon as the kit became available. It was delivered in only a few days. Van’s charged $25.00, which they said is their production cost, plus shipping.

The kit is for both the RV-10 and RV-14, came in a padded envelope, and includes the following:

SB-16-03-28 Contents
SB-16-03-28 Contents
SB-16-03-28 Unpacked
SB-16-03-28 Unpacked

1. Paper copy of the Service Bulletin
2. W-00007CD (to be separated into parts)
3. A piece of pre-drilled angle (part number printed on a label but I forgot what it was) to be cut into parts.
4. W-1013D-R
5. W-1013D-L
6. W-1013E-R
7. W-1013E-L
8. Bag 2751 containing AN470AD4-7 Rivets
9. Bag 1320
10. Bag 1978 containing AN470AD4-5 Rivets
11. Bag 1166 containing AN470AD4-11 Rivets
12. Bag 2412 containing AN426AD4-7 Rivets
13. Bag 1121

There are no specific instructions for installing these parts as an initial construction–the instructions focus on retrofit of completed wings. It should be relatively straightforward, however. The flat parts appear to be thicker and “beefier” replacements for existing aileron bracket parts. In addition, instead of a sandwich of three parts making up the bracket, there are only two parts per bracket, with increased thickness.

There are two bracket pieces that are to be separated into multiple parts and installed on the forward and aft sides of the rear wing spar to provide additional resistance to flexing in the spar web.

Wing Kit Delivered

Today was the delivery date for the wing kit. It came via ABF, with no damage noted to the crates. On opening, I saw no damage to the contents. I’m still working on inventory but have found a few small discrepancies, mainly small bags of hardware with incorrect or missing items.

There were a couple of backordered items, including WD-1014-PC (4) and WD-421-L/R-PC (1 ea).

Other than the slight discrepancies, the kit appears to have been packaged well

The truck driver was able to back all the way up to the big door in the barn.


The skin/wingtip crate with the lid off.



Oh, Hey! More Ribs!

Guess what?

You guessed it.




Elevator Trim Servo Bracket Assembly

This evening I took the primed parts for the elevator trim servo system and assembled them. All rivets were squeezed using the longeron die to get around the tall flanges on the bracket itself. Time this evening: 2.5 hrs.

The initial rivets

Push-Pull Rod brackets installed

Servo and servo linkage installed

Torque Sealed the servo mounting nuts

Sunrise, Sunset

Last week I was on the Mississippi gulf coast for work. Since the weather was so beautiful there I made sure to get out as much as I could. I took these pictures at sunrise and sunset, respectively, on Tuesday February 16, 2016. The temperature there was in the high 60s and low 70s in the day time.