More Pictures of What I Saw in Florida

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Again, please consider a donation to Aerobridge, the charity that organized the effort I took part in in Florida.  They are continuing the good work in the Caribbean, particularly in the VI and Puerto Rico.

Also, please consider Patient Airlift Services and Angel Flight East, two other worthy aviation related charities that provide medical and compassion flights to patients and their families who must travel long distances for medical treatment, but for financial or medical reasons, cannot travel via commercial airline.


Flooding in south Florida
Flooding in south Florida
Flooding in south Florida
A sailboat grounded in Southern Florida
Hurricane Damage on Summerland Key

Some More Pictures from Irma Relief Efforts

These are pictures that were taken by my companions on the Aerobridge effort last week in Florida.

Keys view
Approaching Summerland Key
Sunset view
N2884L at Rectrix North at Sarasota (KSRQ)
View of Miami area
View of Miami area

Connor and me at Grumpy’s in Aiken, SC
Flying in N2884L (probably OCF to LAL)
A load of goods in transport from LAL to X51 in N2884L

Pictures from the Aerobridge Relief Effort in Florida

Some pictures from the Hurricane Irma relief efforts organized by Aerobridge.  Over the last two weeks, Aerobridge has been an important part of the relief effort following Hurricane Irma, delivering supplies to affected people throughout South Florida, and especially to hard-to-reach areas in the Florida Keys.

An article at AOPA shows how a small private airstrip in the Florida Keys was used to supply people in need following the storm.

Please consider supporting Aerobridge, a worthy charity effort organizing pilots and airplanes to deliver supplies and medicines, and provide transport to people in need in the wake of natural disasters.

N2884L and a Cherokee Six at the unloading point on Summerland Key (FD51) during Hurricane Irma relief efforts, September 17, 2017
Aid collection point on Summerland Key, adjacent to Summerland Key Cove airstrip, 9/17/2017
Aid collection/distribution point at Homestead Airport, Homestead Florida (XD51) September 17, 2017
Cessna Caravan N208RB taking on supplies at Homestead, bound for Summerland Key, 9/17/2017
Unloading a Cessna Caravan at Summerland Key, 9/17/2017
N2884L and a Cherokee Six at the aid unloading point at Summerland Key Cove airstrip, Summerland Key, FL
Airplanes at the Summerland Key airstrip unloading point, 9/17/2017
Beech King Air 200 taking on fuel at Homestead FL. Transported volunteers in to Homestead.
Cherokee Six at cargo loading point at Lakeland, FL.
N208RB unloading at Summerland Key, 9/17/2017
N208RB unloading at Summerland Key, 9/17/2017, while relief pilots get some shade under the wing.
Briefing under the wing at Summerland Key, 9/17/2017
N2884L at Summerland Key, 9/17/2017

Flooding in southern Florida


Me preflighting N2884L at Homestead prior to flight to Sarasota, 9/16/2017
Cargo loading point at Lakeland, FL 9/17/2017
Aerobridge HQ at Lakeland Florida
A load of supplies delivered to Ocala, FL, for delivery to Homestead.