Coincidentally with finding a great deal on an empennage kit, someone posted a PlaneTools RV tool kit on Van’s Airforce at a decent discount with some great add-ons.  Sign me up!

So now, I have:  One partially complete empennage kit, a set of tools in the mail, and a workshop in deperate need of workbenches and shelves.  The only problem:  it is REALLY cold out right now, and I know the barn (more on the barn workshop later) is bound to be quite uncomfortable.  That means that before next fall, I need to get the workshop area properly enclosed and insulated, with some means of heating.

RV-10 Beginnings

This past weekend I acquired a partially built RV-10 tail kit from a builder in Illinois.  The quality looks good and we got it back home with no damage. 

Of course, I hadn’t been planning on starting this project for a few months, but this turned out to be quite a deal.  Next moves:  get some tools, build up the workshop, and have an experienced advisor look it over.


Spent some time chipping ’84L out this morning before flying…snow melt seems to collect outside the door and run in and re-freeze.  Also, it looks like it comes in under the wall between the opposite hangar on the other side of the building.


My instrument instructor Rob was gracious enough to help…had nothing to do with him otherwise having to help push the plane out over 1/2″ of clear, hockey-grade ice.



I had to cut a walkway behind the wing to make it safe to get in.